COVID-19 Updates

SAFETY & WELLNESS PROCEDURES FOR EVENTS; abridged. Full document available upon request.


Prior to Event:

  • Pre-Printed Products – Hip Hues will print a certain percentage of the event products ahead of time so guests can grab ‘n go on-site.

  • Sanitizing/Cleaning - all equipment and supplies will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized prior to the event (and afterward).


During Event:

  • Product Pick-Up -

    • A hand sanitizing station will be placed at the first step of the Hip Hues experience.

    • If an attendee does not wish to use the hand sanitizer provided, they will be directed to the pre-printed products table to just grab ‘no go.

    • Social Distancing – we will measure and visually mark where people are to wait in line (on the floor).

  • Printing: 

  • For Guests Live Printing: Every print station will be cleaned/wiped down in rotation every hour.

  • For Guests Opting Out of Printing: Guests will have the option to watch a Hip Hues team member print their shirt for them.

  • Dryer: There will be another hand sanitizing opportunity here.

  • Distancing: Hip Hues will request more space/footprint up front so that we can be in compliance with social distancing measures.

  • Monitoring/Enforcement – We will have a staff person at every event to monitor the lines/distancing.


Personal Contact with Guests:

  • Instead of shaking hands or giving high fives/fist bumps to attendees, our team will give a warm welcome, smile, and wave instead.

  • Temporarily, guests will be unable to try on shirts at events.


Additional Safety Measures

  • All Hip Hues staff members will be required to wear a face shield or face mask from the time they arrive on-site until they leave the premises.

  • We will take temperatures of all our team members when they arrive on-site.

  • If any guest appears ill, we reserve the right to print their product and not allow them to touch any of our equipment.