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Over the past year, we’ve had the pleasure of forming a one-of-a-kind partnership with one of our favorite shop owners in Nashville, Maggie Tucker. Maggie is the owner of a super hip children’s boutique, Magpies, which specializes in a mix of resale, fair trade brands, and local products. Magpies currently carries Hip Hues organic onesies and toddler/youth tees, and new designs are always on the horizon! Maggie also has a substantial hand in the look and feel of each final product we deliver, as she carefully selects the ink and t-shirt color to match each printed Hip Hues design.

Maggie truly has a huge passion for serving our community and making Nashville’s little ones the best dressed in the U.S.! Magpies just celebrated its first birthday, so we wanted to join the celebration with a blog post to show our support and warmest wishes for all of the shop’s next adventures. With this idea in mind, we present our first PARTNERSHIP SPOTLIGHT!

Rapid Fire Q&A with Maggie:

Favorite color? Orange

Weirdest/funniest thing a kid has ever said to you? “Daddy’s going to freak out if I come home with these sparkle shoes” - Cate, 4 years old

What did you want to be when you grew up? The President

What is your biggest inspiration in life? People! People who shop with us, people who work for me, people we partner with, and the people who make up my family and my friends. They all keep me very inspired.

Favorite bedtime story? Berenstain Bears, at least four read to me a night!

Favorite super hero? Captain America

Favorite animal? Unicorn

Barbies or stuffed animals? Barbies

Tea parties or playing house? Playing house

Mac and cheese or chicken fingers? Both, I was a fat child

Tutus or rain boots? Both, and worn at the same time

Exploration Q&A with Maggie:

Why did you decide to open a children’s store?

I had experienced a heartbreaking end to a business partnership, and I was being encouraged and challenged by everyone important in my life to open up my own store. And, for years I had always wanted to open a baby store. Despite my background in exercise science and graphic design, I asked my friends about my unique store plan and the feedback was so overwhelmingly positive. I spent the next 24 hours writing a business plan, and Magpies was realized. I didn’t think about any barriers. I just thought about how I could fill a void in the community and help families that are all so dear to my heart.

One of our favorite things about your store is how you stage it. What goes into that process?

The number one thing is shopability, or having our customers easily access our product. We wanted to be a store where everything was so beautiful yet within arms reach. Each display tells a little story. Every little table has its own identity.

What is your favorite thing about Nashville?

Everything! It is impossible to pick just one! I have lived in Nashville since 1997 so I know the city well, but what’s most relevant to my life right now is the sense of community. How the community has a passion to support small business. And really, it comes back to one thing - it’s a community of really smart people who are after more than just stuff. They appreciate the people behind the businesses. One of the keys to my success is that I am in Nashville and people are really amped up by small start-ups.

What is your favorite item in the store?

Anything from the blabla brand, it’s what I give for almost every baby present.

What is going to be your next big step in the children’s store industry?

The first year was all about our community, our customers, and building our brand and straight up just making it. Year two is going to be exploring all the possibilities that are coming our way! We’re having the opportunities to work with small brands all over the world and we are going to focus on fostering relationships with those people.

What was your favorite event with us?

Having you all out [for live, DIY screen printing] at our first birthday celebration! It was out of this world fun!

Where do you see our partnership headed in the future?

Loads of future collaborations! I’d like to think that we [Hip Hues and Magpies] were the original partners of this huge boom (Nashville Designs for the kids clothing market). I think that with y’alls ability to design and our ability to get stuff out there, the future is so bright for kids to be rocking locally made design in the city we love.

How have partnerships benefitted Magpies?

Hugely! Partnerships are about people! It’s a big chunk of the pie. We are really committed to our partnership and we are going to partner locally and strategically whenever we can, and always with our guests in mind. It’s all about working with a product that your guests are just going to die over. Partnering with quality. The way you run the company and take care of the partners you have. Partnerships are pretty much everything. We don’t do any advertising, so it’s key to furthering our brand awareness.

It was an absolute pleasure exploring the wonderful, whimsical shop of Magpies. And hearing about Maggie’s journey to achieving this was even more fun! We are so grateful for the partnership and friendship we have formed over the past year and pumped to see what the future has in store.


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