The Perfect Nashville Bachelorette Party, as told by Social Bliss Events

Social Bliss Events (SBE) is an event-planning boutique specializing in customized bachelorette parties with top-notch customer service. We recognize the growing trend of the "Fling Before the Ring" shifting from a one-night party to a multi-day celebration.

We're known as the go-to for personalized bachelorette parties in Nashville, TN. However, SBE provides a range of services for everything except "the big [wedding] day." Social Bliss Events orchestrates every element from budgeting, guest list preparation, vendor consultation, to day-of linens and flowers. We will help you stay within your budget, present quality vendors in your price-point and manage every aspect of your celebration.

One of our first steps when planning a Nashville bachelorette party is the initial consultation and bridal profile to find out how to build brides the best customized experience we can offer. This includes asking what they have and haven’t booked and what they need from us. No two girls want to go to the same party in the same dress! We make sure everything is different for each bride depending on her taste and her guests. Nothing is cookie cutter with Social Bliss Events.

Why Nashville?

Nashville is centrally located, friendly, cheaper then Vegas, easy to navigate, and my personal favorite city because of all its unique local experiences. There’s a lot more than just country music and southern culture! The city is always growing and there is so much to experience that you won’t ever be bored or waiting until night to have a good time.

The Entourage

A group of 10 is a perfect number for your bachelorette entourage. While you could go a little smaller like 6-10, I wouldn’t go bigger. When you hit more then 12, it just becomes too many people to plan for. Lower than 6, and you don’t feel like you have a full squad.

Where To Stay

The Omni Hotel, because they have great service. Hotel Indigo is also wonderful. Additionally, we have an option of finding a house for a group to rent for the weekend so that the experience is more intimate. This seems to be a growing trend for brides because it feels like a throwback to old-school sleepovers!

Where To Start

The girls usually get in Thursday evening and the first thing that we like to do at Social Bliss events is a pamper session that we call Beauty and Bliss. The Beauty and Bliss session takes place where everyone is staying, either the bride’s hotel room or in the rental house. We bring in one of our trusted and tested local make-up consultants who will either do their make-up (if the girls are getting ready to go out) or give a beauty tutorial (for the girls who want to stay in but also want to be pampered). We also offer other beauty and spa treatments that we can bring to you. It’s low key and laid back! We even have an option to get some local yummy food brought in. Perfect for a party bride who is ready for a night on the town or a bride just looking for some time with her girls.

What you can't miss

Brides and their crew should never skimp on tees/tanks, getting pampered, trying something new, and classic Nashville experiences. As for t-shirts, Hip Hues offers a uniquely Nashville experience and a great product all in one. They customize everything and it’s way more fun to print the shirt or tank (while drinking, of course!) that you will wear in 90% of the photos you take over your special weekend. For getting pampered and feeling like you’re a VIP, the Beauty and Bliss session is a must! A little adventure is always one of the most memorable experiences, and we suggest trying poll dancing or chair dancing at Delinquent Debutant or a relaxing trip to Arrington Vineyards. Last but not least, even though it may seem dorky, if the bride’s heart is set on a Pedal Tavern, we say go for it!

New Things To Try:

Nashville is an ever-growing city, and with all that growth brings new and fun experiences. At Social Bliss we make it part of our job to know about all the new and hot spaces to hang out and have fun. Things like new restaurants, workout classes, bars, and more will add a unique touch to your weekend. We have so many options that cover everything, including things you didn’t even know the city offered. We are always able to get you in and make a reservation. BONUS: most of the time, we get special discounts too!

Where To End Your Weekend

Brunch!!! We always send bachelorette parties to Sunday morning brunch. It just hits the spot. Our favorites are Puckett’s and Mad Donnas.

Quick Tips from Social Bliss

1) Keep it about the bride

2) Keep it light and fun

3) Try to be original

Why An Event Planner?

Everyone hears the word ‘event planner’ and thinks it’s too expensive, but it actually saves you money, time, and stress and it guarantees the best experience possible.

Everyone is able to sit back and relax. Everything is taken care of, from your flight in until the time you get on the plane to go home. Everything is planed in advance. This allows you to enjoy the weekend.

Why Social Bliss?

I am a local woman who knows this city and personally tests everything out before sending a bride and her friends there. We are way better than Google when it comes to knowing what is happening here. Our clients also receive discounts or perks from all of our vendors; you will always receive a better deal than booking a flat rate. We are on-call all weekend, we check in, we come out and meet you, and we make sure you get where you need to go. We also have some amazing relationships with the bars downtown and can even offer line skips for crazy weekends. We always decorate your hotel rooms and provide other goodies to make you and your guests feel like this is the weekend of your lives. No matter if the bride is mild or wild, we know how to make the Nashville experience her experience.

How Expensive is Social Bliss?

Lowest Package (for 10 ladies) $250

Middle package (for 10 ladies) $500

Biggest package (for 10 ladies) $1000

(These prices include initial consultation, planning of all events, decoration of hotel rooms, and many more perks)

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