Who is The Nashville Mom?

Who is the Nashville Mom?

Lindsey McPherson is a young and vibrant not-so-stay-at-home mom of two very cute kids Mason (4) and Maddie (2). Together, they explore Nashville every day!

How did Lindsey find herself becoming an explorer on the frontier of mommy-hood in Nashville?

When her daughter was about one and a half, she started itching to get out of the house with her two young children. After a few attempts at places like the zoo and the park, Lindsey quickly realized that taking two young kids out on the town by yourself is no easy feat. As she readied her little adventurers for the day, she always had a list of questions that no one could quite answer: “Is this place really child friendly?” “What ages are best suited for this activity?” “Can I bring my own snacks, milk, and water into this venue?” and “Are the hallways going to be wide enough for a stroller, myself, my bag full of mommy essentials and my other child hanging onto my hand?”

Lindsey quickly realized the only way to get these answers was to jump in feet first and find out! One of the main ideas behind Lindsey’s blog is she knows that sometimes moms won’t go to new places with their kids because they don’t want to look like dummies, not knowing what they are walking into. She laughed and said “So, I’ll be the dummy for all the moms out there and get the answers they desperately need to be able to feel as through all of Nashville is a child’s playground!”

Another struggle Lindsey found as a Nashville mom was that she didn’t feel like she had any “mom friends” to relate with and help brave the challenges of motherhood together. The Nashville Mom blog creates a friendly and welcoming community of moms that makes the big city seem a little bit smaller. Lindsey said that one of her favorite things about her blog and the community that has embraced her is that she feels deep and true connections with the other women she meets and explores Nashville with. And in her words, Nashville is full of really great people to connect with and explore!

What are some of The Nashville Mom’s favorite places in Nashville?

Cumberland Park Spray Ground

Taqueria del sol (Mexican Restaurant)

The Library

The Adventure Science Center

12 South Farmers Market

The Nashville Mom blog and community has big plans for continuing to connect moms in Nashville, explore more that the ever-growing city has to offer, and as always, more tips and mom hacks to make life a little easier!

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Photo was wonderfully taken by: Dottie Beasley Photography.

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