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Interactive swag bars at your event!


Custom event designs   |   We bring our setup to you   |    Guests print their own products to take home

ENGAGEMENT - Get attendees physically engaged with your brand

FLEXIBILITY - Never run out of sizes or products

CUSTOMIZATION - Offer multiple products, designs, colors, etc.

t-shirts | tank tops | tote bags | canvas art prints | bandanas | aprons | wine bags | coozies | ... & more



for corporate events:

Branding | Interaction | Engagement | Experience

Your guests are interacting with - and printing - your logo, brand, or design onto their own t-shirt, tote, or bandana. Then they wear it around town.

Makes for a great experience and brand exposure. Win-win!


for private events:

Custom | Fun | Memorable | Creative | Experience

Your guests and/or friends print their own swag or party favors. Get a party favor & an activity with Hip Hues!

Provide a unique experience and awesome personalized keepsakes. Win-win!


Contact us to schedule a private event at info@hip-hues.com, or through the contact form to the right.


We look forward to hearing from you!